PHP Pumps

Le pompe PHP sono pompe a palette a cilindrata variabile ad alta pressione di esercizio con dispositivo di regolazione della pressione di tipo idraulico che consentono di adeguare istantaneamente la portata erogata secondo le richieste del circuito.

Variable displacement vane pumps are volumetric pumps, therefore, they deliver a maximum flow equivalent to its displacement for the speed of rotation. The operating pressure is due to the pressure losses that the fluid encounters during its journey in the plant.

When the pressure in delivery (on the system) equals the calibration pressure of the pump the flow rate is adjusted to the values required by the system; when this value is reached, the pump reduces its flow rate to zero, keeping the pressure almost constant. Under zero required flow conditions, the pump dispenses only oil to compensate for any leaks and piloting.

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